Whiteway Service is a leader in IELTS coaching for about a decade now. We, at the Pyramid IELTS Institute, not just focus on teaching IELTS but teaching English to our students. For us every student is important and their goal is our goal

Our Mission is to provide affordable and quality training to our candidates in a congenial environment to help them excel their language skills and to overcome their communication barriers. Our training programs are crafted in such a way that it gives sufficient practice to the students in techniques required for taking the IELTS Test with full confidence. Our focused training programs give the candidates enough grounding to obtain high scores in IELTS.

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The biggest factor in any organization’s success is the team which is behind the organization. We’ve a strong team around the world who have been with the organization long enough to realize & follow our philosophy of 100% honesty, clarity & transparency. All our team members are chosen after round of interviews & written tests with the final interview being held with the Directors & the induction is also with the directors for them to understand the strength of the organization which lays our moral fiber than anything else.

We have a strong network of carefully chosen & screened associates in India & Southeast Asia which means that we’re able to provide the best of services not only to the students but also our partner institutions.

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We Are Available To Help You.